Climate Control

Option #1

Music Sorb–

Please go to their website to get information on this product.  This product is available for $125.00 USD or you can purchase from us for $125.00 CDN for two pouches that fit into Grands and Upright pianos and we will deliver for free within the Edmonton area.  The advantage of this product is that it does not require plugging in so it is ideal for institutional pianos.  The product pouches have to be replaced once a year to remain effective.


Option #2

The Piano Life Saver is one of the best ways to protect your piano from humidity extremes.   The prices are:

$610.00 for Upright full system (system installed behind front kickboard)

$710.00 for Grand full system on Grands smaller than 6′


Please check out the following link for more information:

    Dampp-Chaser's Piano Life Saver System to Protect Pianos by Providing Piano Climate Control to Keep the Piano in Tune and Prevent Damage to the Piano!
    Note:  Please remember that, according to Piano Life Saver’s  new sales policy, we cannot sell the complete system without installation.  Thus our prices include installation.  All maintenance parts like pads and the water treatment can be purchased individually.


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