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Music teacher in Grande Prairie
“Thank you for an awesome job!  The piano sounds softer and more even now.  The others are happy and very thankful after tuning their pianos!”
School Tuning – Music Teacher’s Appreciate Good Sounding Instruments
“Thanks for coming today.  It was nice to meet you and Nola really appreciated all the work you did on the piano.  Her ears are happier now!”
Longevity of Service
“Thank you for the years of excellent service. ” — Elizabeth D.
Customer Service
“Fast, efficient, and interesting conversation!
Thank you!!!” — Margaret
Complete Hammer Replacement On An Upright Piano
“My mom is one happy piano player today!”-LD-May 12/23
“Great tuner and wonderful person.”-GK-Jasper, AB Feb 2/23
“Thanks for tuning our piano.  It sounds wonderful!”-LM-Feb/23
“Thanks for your service.  It was great!”-MT Feb/23
“This was the first time I had Daniel come tune my piano.  He was wonderful!  Not only technically professional with the actual piano tuning but was pleasant, friendly,& courteous.”-DC-Sept/21