Step 1:  Please click on the calendar link below to book to register.  After you have filled your contact information, an email will be sent to you to invite you to book the appointment.

Step 2:  After you have received the invitation to book please select the time by following the prompts.

Please note that we have changed appointment platforms so all clients should log in as a  “New Client” unless we have pre-entered you information.  If you cannot find a suitable time, please text us at 780-982-9041


Standard Upright Piano Tuning Edmonton (GST is extra) $169.00
Standard Grand Piano Tuning Edmonton (GST is extra) $179.00
Evening tunings are booked outside of the online system.  If you require an evening appointment please contact us at [email protected]  


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Privacy Statement:

Any personal information collected is used  by our company for purposes of booking a piano service and keeping accurate records of the work done or that has been proposed.  This includes collecting names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

We do not sell or give out any client information to anyone outside of our company.  If information is needed by a third party to conduct business such as obtaining warranty service, this is only done with the agreement of our piano customer.

If there is a complaint regarding the quality of our service, we promptly arrange a call-back service to address the concern after speaking with our customer over the phone to ascertain the nature of the complaint.  Call backs are booked through our online system.

If a credit card is used to pay for services, we use a secure encrypted credit card processing company and no hard copies or credit card information are saved by us.  Receipts are also electronically emailed to you.

If you would like to visit our online store or arrange to make a payment please visit: